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Refutation of a Creationist's Crap from Talk.Origins

Herein is my response to a particular creationist idiot's bullshit from This idiot is the laziest cretinist I've ever encountered, and that's saying something.

On 12/25/2018 3:52 AM, Alpha Beta wrote

1) The fact the universe had a beginning and therefore had to be created.

My response:

How do you know the universe had a definitive beginning? The present state the universe is in definitely had a beginning, that beginning was the Big Bang, but according to the first law of thermodynamics matter and energy cannot be created nor destroyed, so it logically follows that that matter and energy was always here, just in some different form than what we see now.

2) The fact of the enormous complexity of the physical world which the fathers of modern physics explained with an infinite intelligent creator.

My response:

WRONG! What we see is indicative of emergent complexity from a bottom-up process, not a top-down process like one would expect a designer to create. We have perfectly natural explanations that explain what we see, and for those we don't know the answer it doesn't mean it was caused by supernatural forces, whenever we discovered the source of something previously thought to be supernatural it turned out to be natural in causation, look at lightning for an example.

3) The fact the primordial soup theory never worked and Evolution never advanced beyond that.

My response:

Straw man. Abiogenesis has NOTHING to do with evolution, here's a hint: One cannot evolve without possessing a genome, so it's perfectly consistent for a deity to have created life, and for life to still evolve.

The fact early human civilizations have similar creation stories as the Bible.

My response:

Aside from possessing similar *ex nihilo* acts of creation as part of their stories, I don't see how, say, the Norse myth of creation from a slain giant's entrails is similar to the two separate creation myths of the Genesis fables.

5) The fact the Bible is the only religious book that gave accurate prophecies.

My response:

Name one accurate prophecy the Bible has ever produced that isn't either manufactured as a result of hindsight or produced by mere coincidence.

6) The fact there is more evidence for a young and flat earth than a 5 billion year old ball earth.

My response:

Yeah, and a glass dome (the "firmament" for people unaware with traditional Eastern folkloric elements) surrounds the sky separating the "waters above" (where rain comes from) from the "waters below" (Earth with its oceans).

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