Archive of various paleontology-related posts of mine over the years. Several entries dealing with evolutionary biology and general refutations of creationist nonsense are also found below.

The Evolution of the Vertebrate Nervous System

A Discourse with an Idiot

Feather evolution

Evolution of Color Vision in Primates

Evolution of Cambrian Chordates

Convergent Evolution FAQ

Clash of Cousins: The Pioneering Placentals and Marsupials of Australia

Icons of Anti-Evolution: Jonathan Wells' horseshit refuted

Did Dinosaurs Survive into the Paleocene?

How to tell if a fossil belongs to a primate or not

Mivart, Gould, and Behe

Condylarthra as a useful wastebasket taxon

Much ado about the predictive power of evolution.

Wisdom teeth

Coral reefs and Noah's Flood

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